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Supplement your daily diet with our Multivitamins, calcium and protein supplements that are specifically formulated for your surgery. With FitForMe Auto Refill Service, you always have your vitamins and minerals at hand. This makes it easy to effectively manage your vitamin deficiencies.

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Receive your supplements at home every 3 months


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Why FitForMe?

Bariatric surgery leads to a drastic change of your digestive tract, which could lead to a deficiency of important vitamins and minerals. With FitForMe, you receive a sufficient amount of essential nutrients every day.

Tailored to your operation

The compositions of our Multivitamins are specifically formulated for every type of resection. Only one capsule a day will ensure you receive the exact right increased amount of vitamins and minerals. 


Scientifically proven

Our Multivitamins are based on the latest scientific insights. We also cooperate with hospitals on a clinically substantiated future. This is how we keep improving our products. 


Free personal advice

Would you like to ask questions about your supplements? Our experts offer tailored advice and clear answers. 


We’re here to help

Do you have a question about your supplements or order? Our team of nutritionists and experts is more than happy to help. Thanks to our experience, we can always help you with a clear answer or good advice.