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Calcium Soft Chew Lemon (90 jar)

Calcium contributes to the management of strong bones and teeth. With these soft chews with a fresh lemon taste, it is easy to take a sufficient amount of calcium every day.


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Calcium Soft Chew Lemon

To preserve strong bones and teeth

Calcium is needed for the management of normal bones and is important to preserve strong teeth. That is why we recommend to – besides the FitForMe Multivitamins – take these soft chews every day. 

The Calcium Soft Chews are made of calcium citrate, a form of calcium that the body absorbs well. They have a fresh lemon taste and contain not just calcium, but also vitamin D3. This vitamin helps increasing the calcium absorption by your bones. The right way to support your health in general! 


500-1000 mg

Per daily dose (1-2 Calcium Soft Chews)

Vitamin D3

12,5-25 µg

Per daily dose (1-2 Calcium Soft Chews)